International Radio Control Warship Combat Club
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a man uses a Dremel tool to work on an unfinished model
a model Bismark is attacked from multiple angles by enemy ships
a model bismark rolls onto its side as it sinks from combat damage
Founded in 1978, the International R/C Warship Combat Club, Inc. (IRCWCC) is the original organization dedicated exclusively to promoting safety, good sportsmanship and fun in the hobby of radio controlled semi-scale model warship competition. Battery operated 1/144 scale models of warships which operated between 1904 and 1946 are constructed by members. They are equipped with CO2 gas powered “cannons” and maneuver in mock battles as they attempt to damage or sink their opponents.
June 26 2024: IRCWCC National Competition 2024
This year's annual National Competition was held in Statesboro, Ga and after a week of battles, sinks, and a lot of laughing.. concluded with "Green Flag" victory. Congratulations to Admiral Andy Terpstra and his fleet (Photos LINKED HERE). Additional congratulations also go out to this year's award winners:
Best of Class 1: Ken Kelly (SMS Stralsund)
Best of Class 2: Rick Whitsell (HMS Jamaica)
Best of Class 3: Fred Davis (Abruzzi)
Best of Class 4: Mike Smith (SMS Seydlitz)
Best of Class 5: Bryan Box (USS Kodiak)
Best of Class 6: Tim Beckett (DKM Bismark) & Tom Palmer (USS Montana)
Best of Class 7: Kevin Plumer (USS Missouri)
Best of Scale Warship: Ken Kelly (SMS Stralsund)
Best of Scale Convoy: Ken Kelly (SS Wolf)
Rookie of the Year: Fred Davis
Marty Hays Lifeline: Ken Kelly (19 convoy runs)
Best Ram: Lou Meszaros
Super Swimmer: Mark Kuntz

The travelling awards this year went to:
Von Fluegel High Score: Kevin Plumber (31,670 pts)
Allied Spirit: Bryan Box
Axis Spirit: Brian Lamb
Allied Spirit: Bryan Box
Most Feared Axis (orange): Caleb Smith
Most Feared Allied (green): Kevin Plumer
Individual Combat: Mattie Mouser
Most Spectacular Sink: Tom Tanner
Technology: Will Tustin
Brian Spychalski: Brian Koehler
Alien (most damage without sinking): Caleb Smith (5590 pts)
Swiss Cheese (most damage with sink): Kevin Plumer (6570 pts damage)
Firestick: Nate Graham
Sunken ships are easily retrieved...
photo of captain retrieving ship from bottom
quickly repaired...
photo of captain quickly patching ship
ships back on water and battling
and back to battling again!
Photo of a man wearing a t-shirt with the text 'GOT BB'S?'
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If you think this insanity is just the excitement you were looking for, and would like to join:
To learn more you can contact:
Brian Koehler, IRCWCC Webmaster
or check our CONTACTS link for a captain near you.